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Help Make Fresh Start Farms a Farm Forever!

Our Story Hill

Land Purchase Project Commences

Manchester, November 15, 2016:  The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success today announced the commencement of their land purchase project Our Story Hill.  The project aims to purchase a 56.8 acre parcel located in Dunbarton, NH which will secure a permanent farming location for ORIS’s constituents.  The 56.8 acre farm parcel is in a mature state of agriculture operation with infrastructure, buildings and soil developments. 14 refugee farmers currently grow on the Dunbarton land. These farmer entrepreneurs represent the Somali­-Bantu, Bhutanese, Burundi, and Congolese communities, as well as other ethnic groups all permanently relocated to America through our established legal process and review.  They have worked the land for five years, building the soil and creating infrastructure within their farm businesses.  The farm successfully grows thousands of pounds of produce each year that is sold through farm stands, farmers markets, CSA membership and wholesale accounts throughout the southern tier of New Hampshire.

The project was developed to address the needs of the landowners, ORIS and the farmers.  The landowners need to sell and have provided the opportunity for ORIS to become permanent owner, through a generous bargain sale.  The refugee farmers have worked hard to build their own sustainable businesses, but without land security their investment will be lost.  ORIS must now raise the funds to purchase the land and provide long term secure use to the farmers.

With the assistance of The Russell Farm & Forest Conservation Foundation (, ORIS has secured the amazing opportunity to purchase the land through a Purchase and Sales Agreement bargain sale price of $90,000 (appraised at $187,000 in 2015).

Successful purchase of the land will provide further opportunities on this 56.8 acre parcel, creating the possibility for ORIS to pursue goals of developing a permanent farm community for refugee farmers to continue their successful careers as farmers and further develop independence.

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