Fresh Start Farms End of June Updates

Fresh Start Farms NH is now on Twitter!

Give us a follow for day-to-day updates on our farmers markets, CSAs and Fresh Start Farms-related news & events! Our feed will help you find where the fresh local produce is whenever you’re searching and keep you informed on all changes, updates and progress from Fresh Start Farms NH as well as current events or information that are important to us. Follow and share us with your friends. We’ll follow back!

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In other news, farmers markets are a go! Check which ones have started up already on our page that has been freshly revised for 2013. And support your community by coming to find Fresh Start Farms at a farmers market near you for fresh local naturally grown produce.

Also, our spring CSA is coming to a close which means summer CSA is nearly here! Sign up today for some serious summertime veggies throughout July and August!

Got a more of a meat-tooth? Do good by it, your health and your community by signing up for our Beef CSA! We are really excited about this new add-on and if you are too, now is the time to let us know if you’re interested. As CSAs go, we need a certain number of participants for any one location to become a pick-up site so let us know now and secure all your beef needs for summer!


About Fresh Start Farms NH

Fresh Start Farms is a collective of refugee and immigrant farmers who are participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Program. Our New American farmer entrepreneurs represent the Somali-Bantu, Bhutanese and Congolese communities, as well as other ethnic groups. These growers sell produce wholesale to restaurants, colleges and other organizations and businesses, at farmers’ markets and farm stands, and through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program (with pick up sites in the Greater Manchester and Greater Seacoast). Produce is grown with soil health, environmental well being, and consumer happiness in mind. Fresh Start Farms, located in Dunbarton & Bedford, New Hampshire, is a spray-free farm in which farmers use integrated pest management practices with culturally appropriate growing techniques. Fresh Start Farms is a project of the non-profit Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS), located in Manchester, New Hampshire. 100% of the profits from the farm go back to the New American farm entrepreneurs.

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  1. When does the Summer CSA start in Manchester?

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