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Come celebrate Earth Day with us this Saturday!

Fresh Start Farms has an activity and outreach booth at the Stonyfield Earth Day 5k & Sustainability Fair.  The event takes place this Saturday, April 21, 2012, from 10 am-2 pm at 10 Burton Drive in Londonderry.  Come join us in the celebration and be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!


Did you know?

Following are key findings taken directly from the Carsey Institute’s report, “What’s for Dinner? Finding and affording Healthy Foods in New Hampshire Communities”:

• More than one in ten New Hampshire households experience food insecurity, and there is considerable variation across the counties in the state. Food insecurity is significantly related to both household income and the distance a household must travel to shop for groceries.

• Approximately 3.5 percent of households live five or more miles from a grocery store. This presents a real challenge, particularly for lower-income families and those without transportation.

• Areas of the state with relatively low access to healthy food also have higher rates of dietary related health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

• The distribution of full-service grocery stores is uneven in New Hampshire. They are concentrated in areas of high population density, including the Seacoast, the areas adjacent to Massachusetts, and along transportation corridors. There is a deficit of grocery stores in the northern parts of the state, as well as in more remote rural areas in the central and western parts of the state.

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More Food for Thought

“The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth.”

-Frances Moore Lappe

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